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It is my belief that acts of self-care, tuning into our deeper desires, and understanding where anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stress, and fatigue come from all need to be higher on all of our priority lists in order for us to really get the most out of the life we have.  Why wait until we hit rock bottom and grind to a halt to reach out for support?

I have spent a lot of time learning and practicing a selection of complementary therapies and skills in order to help you with a wide variety of challenges.

In addition to my Health & Science background, I am qualified in a range of therapies - such as:

  • Certified Health & Life Coaching

  • Bio-Energy Healing

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Sound Healing

  • Facilitation & Holding Ceremonial Space

"Many hands make light work"

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My Story

My name is Kassandra and I live on beautiful Vancouver Island.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in International Development & Biology, and then a Masters of Science in Global Health, I was heading into medicine but realized I wanted to explore health beyond physical factors alone, and became passionate about supporting marginalized populations through the lens of social determinants.  Since then I have worked in many areas of health - global health with non-profits, community health quality improvement initiatives through Doctors of BC, and most recently spent the last 8 years working on digital health projects in Canada to bridge gaps in the healthcare system alongside First Nations communities, as a consultant.  My passion is in helping others move through change and I am strong advocate of Connection & Community  

After a series of hardships and health issues, I turned to alternative healing approaches for support with anxiety and stress, recognizing that my wellness needed to explore all aspects of myself, not just the physical.  I had reached what I thought was the pinnacle of success in my career, lived in a downtown apartment in a city full of possibility; I took all the "right" steps to reach success.  Yet, I was not happy when I got there, even though I did everything "right" by society standards.  

On this journey, I rediscovered my own deep sense of worth and wellness, started living my life from a place of authentic connection to myself and my true desires, and as a result found many ways to manage my anxiety and use it as a tool in my life instead.  Working with the freedom that comes from living a life from the inside out, rather than being in reaction mode to outside circumstances, I am now in service to those who are struggling with hopelessness, self worth, anxiety, stress, low energy, or those who feel stuck in their lives.  


As the founder of Whole Health & Healing, I am here to support you - not to survive, but to thrive in living life with the vitality, joy, and confidence you deserve. 


I'm here to support, guide, and keep you accountable to creating and living the life you deserve. Let's connect.


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